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If you have made the decision to travel abroad to undergo a dental procedure, Medical Travel Shield is the specialist single trip travel insurance designed for you.

We can provide you with everything that you would expect from standard travel insurance including; lost or stolen items, accidental illness or injury and cancellations orcurtailments outside of your control.

What makes Medical Travel Shield different?

As well as standard cover, we provide additional benefits tailored for you as a patient within the same policy.

Those tailored benefits being:

- Travel and accommodation expenses over and above the normal recovery period.
o Medical Travel Shield will cover for costs if you have to stay at your
destination longer than the normal recovery period on medical grounds.

- Medical and additional expenses.
o We will pay for any medical expenses incurred if you have a life threatening complication during surgery that occurs during the planned treatment and is secondary to the pre-agreed treatment plan prior to departure.

- Additional Return trip within 12 months of the original treatment
o We can cover economy return travel, accommodation and living expenses if your original treatment is medically assessed as unsuccessful and it is medically necessary to return to the same hospital/clinic within 12 months for corrective Treatment. We do not cover the cost of the corrective treatment.

Dental procedures covered can include:
- Implants
- Veneers
- Removal of teeth/implants/veneers

Procedures that are not dental

- Jaw implants (cosmetic)
- Jaw realignment (elective)
- TMD/TMJ treatments (elective)

If there is anything that you don’t understand or if you have any questions about our
cover, please contact us:
0203 409 1236

For full terms, conditions and exclusions please see the policy wording