Medical Travel Shield
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Travel insurance benefits & a number of tailored benefits for patients


What is a companion?

A Companion is your spouse, civil partner or co-habiting partner, mother, father or child(ren) and who is a UK Resident and travelling with you, the patient, who you wish to cover under the same policy. A companion cannot be anyone who is also having a cosmetic, elective, dental or IVF/fertility procedure. 

Why can I not get cover to the USA for my procedure?

Unfortunately, the underwriters of our insurance do not allow us to provide cover in the USA or Canada for those travelling for cosmetic, elective or dental procedures, due to the nature of the high costs within the medical industry. 

I am having a gastric band/sleeve/bypass, is that cosmetic?

Bariatric procedures are classed as elective for the purpose of this insurance.

I have a pre-existing condition, will this policy cover it?

As we do not cover pre-existing medical conditions we do not require that you declare them upfront. 

What if something goes wrong during my procedure?

Medical Travel Shield is a travel insurance and there are benefits relating to the procedure, however, it is not the actual procedure that is covered. We would expect that any minor complications that may occur, would be covered by your clinic, hospital, surgeon, doctor or dentist. 

So what is covered?

Standard travel insurance cover applies, including lost or stolen items, accidental illness or injury, cancellation or curtailment. The added benefits include repatriation and emergency medical treatment as a result of a life threatening complication. We also cover a return trip within 12 months following the diagnoses of a complication when in the UK. Please see our Policy Summary for more details.

Can I pay over the phone?

All payments must be made online using our secure platform. 

Are there any excesses to be paid?

The pay-out limits and excesses can all be found in our Policy Summary document.

How is Medical Travel Shield different from normal travel insurance?

Most travel insurance providers will void your insurance if it is known that you are travelling for a medical procedure. Medical Travel Shield provides you, the patient, with all of the travel insurance essentials. There are also added benefits for your procedure. 

Do I need to insure my “companion”?

We would always recommend exploring the market as companions may be able to travel under standard travel insurance cover. However, for them to benefit from your policy with a potential return trip within 12 months to correct a complication or to stay with you for delayed recovery, they would need to be an insured companion on your policy. 

If I am not happy with the results of my procedure how do I claim?

The policy does not cover patient dissatisfaction. If you are not happy with your results and choose to go back abroad for further surgery, you will not be able to claim on the policy and therefore you would be liable for the costs of your new trip and treatment. 

Who do I call if there is an emergency?

If you are at your destination and there has been an emergency that you require immediate assistance with please call our global assistance team on +44 (0) 203 096 3939. Please note this is not for our of pocket expense claims, such as lost or stolen items.

How do I claim?

Our dedicated claims team will assist you. Please call +44 (0) 203 096 3940.

Can I travel for longer than 31 days?

If you are travelling for longer than 31 days, please call us on 0203 409 1236.

Can I cover my child with Medical Travel Shield? 

Unfortunately, if you are travelling as a patient, the minimum age is 18. We can cover children as companions as long as they are aged over 12 months.

I am planning on travelling more than once. Can I get a multi trip cover? 

Medical Travel Shield is a single trip insurance. You would need to take out a new policy each time you travel. 

I am unsure which type of cover I need for my procedure. What should I choose?

If you are ever in doubt whether to choose elective, cosmetic, dental or IVF/fertility, please contact us and we would be happy to help.